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Dressing for everyday life is easy, dressing stylishly is much less so. How many stylish people do you meet every day? And what do you remember about them? 

I come to your home, in Paris or in the Paris region, to teach you how to enhance and reveal your natural elegance, according to your morphology, your personality, your style and your aspirations, by creating outfits for everyday life with your own wardrobe, which will be both modern and elegant

Through this clothing relooking and after sorting out your wardrobe, I help you to recognise the cuts of clothes that enhance your figure and the materials that suit you. I teach you to balance the proportions between the top and the bottom of your outfit, to distinguish the colours that make you stand out, to know how to combine them to create a unique and harmonious range of colours, to associate prints, to choose the accessories that will make your outfit chic and to match them to reveal your natural elegance. 

We take photos of each outfit we create and list the missing pieces, so that you don't make mistakes and can target your purchases for your next shopping trip.

With your wardrobe optimized and new stylish outfits in mind, you'll save time every morning and be inspired to dress up easily according to your mood!

Clothes and accessories that you wish to part with can be resold, with the help of staff who specialise in the resale of second-hand items.

How I practice :

Before booking the Image Consultancy Chez Vous, a first telephone contact (in video) allows me to define with you, your objectives and the number of hours you need.

This service can be combined with a "Shopping Session".

 For more information you can contact me directly at + or by mail : contact@beaauuu.com


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