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Topics addressed in this online consultation :

- You need help to create your travel outfits (suitcase preparation).

- What style and cut of clothing suits me best, depending on my activity.

- How to get dressed easily every morning.

- How to be elegant and stylish while being comfortable in my outfits.

- How to mix and match the colors and prints I have in my wardrobe.

- A certain piece in my wardrobe that I can't match.

- A "little complex" that I would like to hide.

After answering a questionnaire (which I send to you by email), to find out more about your taste in clothes, your morphology and your personality, I help you to find specific and adapted solutions, to find your own style, to live in harmony in your body and with your wardrobe according to your activity or lifestyle

At the end of this online consultation, which is done remotely via a video call, on women's and men's style advice, you will know which clothes and accessories (cuts, materials, colors, prints) are adapted to your silhouette and personality. You can easily create outfit combinations and develop your style.

This consultation can be combined with a "Dressing Room Sorting" and a "Shopping Assistance".

For more information you can contact me directly at + or by mail :

Eve Dupouy consultation online mode style

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